Keto Cacao Coconut 10 pack
Keto Cacao Coconut (10 pack)

Keto Cacao Coconut (10 pack)

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High-fat functional dark chocolate with shredded coconut. The perfect combination of healthy fats, cacao, and coconut that will satisfy your sweet tooth. A delicious sweet snack for more energy, mental clarity and appetite control - without any sugar spikes.

  • Perfect for Keto/low-carb followers that like it sugarfree but sweet.

  • Ideal Keto ratio of 4:1 (ratio of total fat to net carbs + protein), which is unique in comparison with dark chocolate bars of major brands.

When to eat it: on the go or at night with Netflix.

Ingredients: 71% cocoa mass, shredded coconut, non-GMO Erythritol, MCT oil powder with Acacia fiber (100% derived from coconuts)

Net carbs: < 1g (Total Carbs minus Fiber minus Erythritol).

Comes in a pack containing 10 bars.

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