Our story

 Do you know what's in most chocolate bars?

We call it junk our body doesn't need. Period. 


Additives like soy lecithin and artificial flavors are widely used in products to make it last longer, look more attractive or have a smoother texture. However, what can we expect from ingredients we can't even pronounce or have never heard of before? We recommend doing some research before buying products filled with crap.

Dairy and sugars

A high amount of dairy products and different types of sugar can actually block the absorption of cacao's nutritional benefits. Keep in mind that sugar is included in many other sweeteners, such as honey, maple syrup, and agave syrup.

But we get it...

Always having to read the ingredients list is time-consuming. We got tired too, especially because we could barely find an option without sugars or additives that tastes good. We are shocked that so many so-called ''healthy bars'' are still filled with sugar, cheap additives and fillers.

Our founder, Louisa M. Bakker follows the Ketogenic lifestyle and loves chocolate but tasty LCHF (low carb, high fat) bars are harder to find. Let's face it: most bars are too high in carbs and sugars, especially on the Ketogenic/low-carb lifestyle. Even the ones with 70-90% cacao can have sugars and a high glycemic index, affecting blood glucose levels. The low-carb bars that she found had natural sweeteners with a not-so-nice, artificial aftertaste. In the end, the 100% cacao bars ended up being the best option but their taste and bitterness can already be too much to handle after the first bite.

That’s when the Keto Cacao journey began!

She decided to combine her love of chocolate and passion for health to kick off this Keto Cacao adventure. She teamed up with an award-winning chocolatier and after a lot of testing together, they created the perfect, tasty, Keto-friendly, organic chocolate bar. It only contains pure ingredients that are a source of energy and healthy fats preserving the nutritional benefits. All in all, this tastes amazing!

Today, the Keto Cacao team is small but happily crazy. Our mission is to shake up the chocolate market by being a transparent and honest brand with tasty Keto-friendly chocolate that promotes mental and physical health, all without the crap.

Join us on this adventure and continue your love of chocolate with KC. The wholesome, powerful treat for your body and mind.