What's NOT in our KC bars:

Added sugars.

Soy or other fillers.

GMO, artificial colors/flavors.




What is Keto?

 No, it's not an abbreviation or a nickname of one of our team members (we've heard that question before!)  Keto is short for Ketogenic. The Ketogenic is a low carb, high-fat approach to dieting that is based on eating real foods, and using fat for fuel, instead of carbs. Our bars are exactly that, high fat and low carb. That's why it got the name Keto Cacao. We’ve all heard ‘we need carbs for fuel and fat is bad for us’. However, now more and more scientific studies have shown the opposite


If I'm not on Keto, can I still eat your chocolate bars?

 Our KC bars are for everyone but you get the best benefits when you reduce sugars during your lifestyle or as you follow any keto or low-carb lifestyle. Although there is much research done to support the health benefits of the Keto Diet we still encourage you to do your own ketogenic research when starting this lifestyle. 


Can you ship first-timers a free KC sample?

 Unfortunately not, but we do have a sample pack. It is a great way to try our three awesome flavors at one time.  


What's the best way to store the KC bars?

 The best is to keep them out of sunlight and away from excessive heat. Light is often associated with heat and energy which melts chocolate quicker. We recommend to store it in a cupboard or cabinet and in a space that is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit / 21 degrees Celsius. If you wish to keep them in the fridge, make sure you isolate it with a plastic wrap so other odors will not invade it and alter the taste. 


How long does the KC bars last?

We recommend consuming our KC bars within the expiration date that is indicated on the back of the packaging. We don't use artificial conservatives or other chemicals, so the bars last for 12 months after they are born in the factory!


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We definitely share Keto Cacao with the international Keto family, but please bear in mind that there are shipping costs + possible duties outside Europe.


Are there any shipping costs?

We offer free shipping internationally on orders over 70 euros. On orders below 70 euros, the shipping costs will be calculated at check out since it varies based on your location.


Is Keto Cacao available in retail stores?

Keto Cacao is currently only available for purchase through our website or via other online resellers. But it would be wonderful if you could promote us at your local retail store!


What are KC's main ingredients? 

 Our main ingredients are organic Fino de Aroma Tumaco cacao, MCT oil powder, and Erythritol. We also add shredded coconut and hazelnut to our flavored bars. 


Does KC contain sugar or sweeteners?

Our products are without refined sugars or carbs containing sweeteners like agave syrup, palm sugar etc. For our KC bars, we use Erythritol instead, which has 0 glycemic index and doesn’t have the medical aftertaste like Stevia and other (alcohol) sweeteners.


 What's MCT Oil powder and why is it in KC?

 MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are a fast source of clean energy and can support appetite control, weight loss, brain and heart health, focus, and a healthy metabolism. It functions as a high-fat fuel for the body, which is satisfying and quickly metabolized by the liver, giving an instant energy and brain boost.

We use MCT oil in a powder form because is far more gentle in our digestive system than in its liquid form. But don't worry! It has the same kick-ass nutritional benefits.  Cacao with MCT Oil is an excellent power blend for your pre and/or post workouts.


What type of MCT oil powder do you use?
We use MCT oil powder that is 70% c8/ c10, derived from coconuts and 30% of Acacia fiber.


What's Erythritol?

 Erythritol is a carbohydrate that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables. It has a glycemic index of zero, which means it does not affect blood sugar and it has very few calories. Erythritol is also metabolism-friendly, easy to digest, and almost 0 kcal.


 Which cacao do you use and where does it come from?

KC is made with 100% single- origin Fino de Aroma Tumaco cacao, from Tumaco city, located in south-west Colombia, near Ecuador. We love what cacao has to offer. That is why our KC bars have a high percentage of cacao and no sugar, milk, gluten or fillers that cancels its health and nutritious properties. Organic cacao is nutritious with a decent amount of soluble fiber and loaded with minerals for the body and brain. It offers more focus, a better heart health, a better mood, more energy, and satiation.


Still need help?

Just send us an email at hello@ketocacao.com and we will get back to you soon.