Yes, we're back (and here to stay)!


 We've been a while out of stock and we are sorry to let you guys wait for so long.

Here's what happened:

We started this adventure with a testing product in March 2018, and we are so thrilled with the feedback and love we got from everyone. Based on all the feedback and ideas, we decided to not simply restock the same products cause we're on a mission to deliver the tastiest Keto chocolate and the best experience we can!

We spent several weeks trying flavors, recipes, and new ingredients. The process took longer than we expected but we are SO happy with the result.

What's new?

Different cacao beans.  
Now we're using single origin Tumaco cacao which is of equally high quality and fine taste as Arauca (what we had before), however, its chocolate flavor combined with MCT's stands out amazing.

MCT oil powder.
MCT oil powder is gentler in our digestive system than in its liquid form while it maintains all the kick-ass nutritional benefits. The taste also blends perfectly with our new cacao beans. 

New flavor!
We added more coconut to the coconut flavor and created a new flavor: *drumrolls* It rhymes with coconut, it's...
HAZELNUT! Yes, we got so many requests for Hazelnut and there it is! Now you can enjoy KC three ways huh? ;-)

More cacao.
At the very last minute, we decided to go crazy and increase the cacao percentage in our bars to add even more flavor and nutrition. The sky is the limit, right? Our Dark flavor now has 75% cacao and both Coconut and Hazelnut have 71%.

We are very excited to share our new KC bars and hope that you will love it as much as we do. But the most important thing of all of this is that WE ARE HERE TO STAY! With the success of our test and the new bars in production, we are working towards expanding our network to bring KC even closer to you! 


Our new KC bars are now available for Pre-order.

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