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My high-fat story: meet Kristi - science writer

For this week's high-fat story, we had the pleasure to ask a few questions to Kristi. She's a world traveller, science writer, and has been following a ketogenic lifestyle for more than a year now. She told us everything about when she's started, what she eats in a day, the biggest misconceptions people have about keto and other great tips to make this lifestyle your own.

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My high-fat story: Meet Tessa van der Steen

Tessa is a stunning mom and health coach from The Netherlands; supporting others to live a healthier lifestyle for the past 11 years via her own practice Your Health Coach.  We invited Tessa to share a little bit of how she started her practice, what she eats in a day, and the advice she gives for her clients who want to follow an LCHF (low-carb, high-fat) lifestyle.

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