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Alcohol on Keto? we share 2 keto friendly cocktails

Living a life without the sugary carbs shouldn't feel like missing out on things, cause occasionally it's time for a glass of booze.  Unfortunately, most cocktails and other alcoholic drinks are loaded with sugars and quite frankly, you’re getting tired of your standard ‘’Skinny bitch’’ (vodka with sparkling water). So today we will share some easy and keto friendly cocktail recipes that you can dazzle all your friends with at the next party and won't spike up your blood sugar.  1. The Raspberry Mojito(Ingredients for one Mojito). 1 lime or 2 tbs lime juice Fresh raspberries Fresh mint leaves 2g stevia 50 ml vodka Cut the lime in half and crush together with the mint leaves and stevia. Keep one mint...

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How to start the Keto diet? Beginner tips from the KC team

  For those who follow us on Instagram, Marije and I hopped on a 2 week Keto Challenge. Call us crazy but we are working at Keto Cacao and as our founder, Louisa Bakker is all about the keto lifestyle, we just got so curious to experience it for ourselves (oh my, sometimes she can’t stop talking about it). Such benefits she mentions is the fact that it will give you more energy, more clarity and you will get rid of the bloating? Like serious, this lifestyle sounds too good to be true. Oh did we already say we can eat FAT and don't have to worry about eating too much of it? So, obviously, we had to give it...

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KC recipe: Chocolate chip Keto muffin

  Do we ever get tired of chocolate? Of course not!  And this chocolate chip muffin from The Gluten-Free Guide to Everything looks like something we could indulge in this weekend. Don't you think? Made with KC Pure and simple keto-friendly ingredients, this muffin is super easy to prepare and it tastes just like you want them to - Delish!  Ingredients 3 eggs 40 g coconut flour 40 gr grass fed butter 1/2 Keto Cacao bar (25g) Baking powder Vanilla extract Pinch of salt Instructions 1. Mix the butter, coconut flour and baking powder using a mixer. Use the warmth of your hands to melt the butter and fold the dough into a ball. Add the eggs and whisk again. Preheat...

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